26 Jan 2011 17:12

Sergei Yakovlev named to head Interfax Financial-Economic Information Service; Yury Pogorely appointed executive director

Interfax Information Services Group announces the appointments of Sergei Yakovlev as general director of the Financial-Economic Information Service and Yury Pogorely as the Service’s executive director.

Interfax Information Services Group announces the appointments of Sergei Yakovlev as general director of the Financial-Economic Information Service and Yury Pogorely as the Service’s executive director.

In his new position, Yakovlev will be in charge of developing Interfax projects in the financial and economic information segment. He will also be responsible for Interfax-D&B, the group’s joint venture with Dun & Bradstreet.

“Sergei Yakovlev, who came to Interfax from the stock market, has played a big role in creating cutting-edge information systems that cater to professionals and occupy leading positions in their market segments. His work also includes creation of Interfax’s sales and market service, which is the best in the industry,” Group head Mikhail Komissar said in comments on the appointment.

Sergei Yakovlev was born in Moscow on 1971. He graduated Moscow State University in 1993 with a candidate degree in economics and earned an MBA at Chicago University in 2008.
He worked at banks and brokerages before joining Interfax in 1999. He was general director of Interfax-CNA in 2002-2004, where he developed the SPARK system, the leading tool for evaluating financial risks in Russia. He was also general director of Interfax-FNA, Russia’s leading financial information agency.
Yakovlev has been executive director of the Service for Financial-Economic and Industry Information since 2005.

In his new position as executive director of the Financial-Economic Information Service, Yury Pogorely will be in charge first and foremost of divisions specializing in reporting news, as well as Interfax projects in the fuel and energy sector. Pogorely had been deputy head of the service.

“Yury Pogorely was responsible for development of Interfax’s economic news service, ensuring its market leadership and creating a whole host of up-to-date information products. We expect his creative energy will enable Interfax to further strengthen its leadership position, successfully implement a number of new information projects in the oil and gas industry and in power generation,” Komissar said.

Yury Pogorely was born in Moscow in 1977. He is a graduate of Moscow State University with a candidate degree in philology. He earned an MBA from the Russian Government Academy of Finance in 2009.
Pogorely began his journalism activity in 1989, working on youth publications, in radio and television. He joined Interfax in 1997, where he organized the metals and mining information service and then headed the Petroleum Information Agency and the Economic Information Department.
The Gas Information Agency, the leading source of primary information on the gas industry in Russia and the CIS, was formed under his leadership, and formation of the Energy Information Agency in 2008 completed the process of unifying Interfax’s information service in the sector.

The Financial-Economic Information Service provides financial and industry news, access to the Efir information system and analytical and IR services and creates risk management products and corporate systems (SPARK and SKAN).

*** Interfax Information Services Group develops professional information solutions that help companies operating on financial and commodity markets to make investment decisions, manage risks and organize external communications.
Interfax products and services include news, market information, analysis, searchable systems, business directories, ratings and rankings, credit histories, IR services and information disclosures, organization of press conferences and placement of Internet advertising.
Interfax has been the international community’s leading source of up-to-the-minute information on Russia and the CIS since the beginning of the 1990s. Interfax is the source most often cited in press and media reports about the region and in recent years has also become a leading supplier of political and financial news from China.