18 Dec 2009 17:34

Moscow University school of journalism, Interfax award 2010 Grishchenko scholarship

Interfax Information Services Group and the school of journalism of Moscow State University have unanimously awarded the B.S. Grishchenko Scholarship for 2010 to third-year student Yulia Mikhailova.

The decision to award the scholarship to Mikhailova was announced at the annual Day of Internship of the school of journalism on December 18.

Mikhailova is the sixth student to receive the Interfax Scholarship. She was given the award based on a series of reports covering key events in the transport sector. In addition to news her portfolio contained industry reviews confirming Mikhailova‘s ability to collect and deeply analyze large volumes of information. All the reviewed articles of the new Interfax scholarship winner were published in the transport daily Gudok.
Nine students took part in the contest for the Interfax-2010 Scholarship: Yulia Mikhailova, Gleb Fyodorov (fifth year student), Yekaterina Novikova (fifth year), Darya Luganskaya (third year), Anatoly Bochinin (fifth year), Anastasia Gorshkova (fourth year), Firuza Muryasova (fifth year), Alla Rybina (fifth year) and Ksenia Aleinikova (sixth year).

Special prizes were awarded to Anastasia Gorshkova, Anatoly Bochinin and Darya Luganskaya for demonstrating a high standard of professionalism in reporting on a wide range of significant topics.

The scholarship commission, which included three representatives each from Moscow State University and Interfax, judged candidates by the work they had submitted (no less than 20 articles compiled and published during their internship) and also by their academic success.

Interfax instituted the scholarship in 2004 in memory of Boris Grishchenko (b. 01.06.1937 - 21.04.2004), who had devoted nearly 40 years of his life to the journalistic profession, including ten years with Interfax. For many years, Grishchenko was a member of the Kremlin pool and was familiar with life at the Kremlin from Brezhnev‘s era to recent times. In 1999, he was awarded the Order of Honor in recognition of his work.

The Interfax scholarship provides 5,000 rubles a month for the entire calendar year.

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