11 Jul 2003 16:57

Interfax Launches Project for Natural Gas Market and Signs Cooperation Agreement with Russian Gas Society

The Interfax Group announced on Friday that it has launched Russia‘s first ever specialized natural gas market bulletin and has signed an agreement with the Russian Gas Society (RGO) on long-term cooperation in the information coverage of the gas market.

Under the agreement, signed on Friday, the parties are to put into practice a joint program to develop an information infrastructure for the gas market, including methods to form price guidelines, and to set up a public information and reference portal, to be called "Natural Gas."
The Interfax Gas daily bulletin, which has begun to be published, encompasses the entire range of news, statistics and price information on the gas industry.
The bulletin is published by the Interfax-Gas Information Agency (Interfax-GIA), the only independent specialist service in Russia and the rest of the Commonwealth of Independent States for current information on the gas sector.
"Having an information infrastructure for the gas sector is important largely because there are tasks to be carried out in the self-organization of the market and in seeking to prevent economic risks in the course of reforms," said RGO President Valery Yazev.
"Interfax pioneered in the early nineties in setting up specialized information services for the emerging stock and oil markets, which became one of the development factors for these markets," said Interfax-GIA General Director Vladimir Gerasimov. "In our opinion, the gas market, which is still in the making, also needs such information."
Interfax-GIA, a subsidiary of the Interfax Group, was registered in Moscow in June 2003 as a close-end joint stock company, said the agency‘s editor-in-chief, Nikolai Semenenko.
He says Interfax-GIA plans to publish, in addition to current news, information on gas legislation, various kinds of statistics, and Russian and world prices. The agency also has an immediate plan to launch an information and analysis weekly in Russian and English on the gas market.
RGO is a nonprofit partnership bringing together gas companies and organizations. Membership in it is open to any individual or organization involved in the Russian gas industry. RGO is working to build a civilized gas market in Russia in the interests of the country‘s energy security. Sixty-six organizations have joined RGO in its two years of existence. They produce 96% of Russian gas. RGO is deeply involved in legislative work for the gas industry.

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