7 Aug 2003 16:24

Interfax launches Azerbaijan Newswire

The Interfax Group has launched the Interfax-Azerbaijan project and opened the Azerbaijan Newswire which will provide information on pressing public, political and economic events in Azerbaijan.

This is the first product of the Interfax-Azerbaijan agency formed by the Interfax Group and its partner, the Azpetrol Azerbaijani Petroleum Company.
"The establishment of an independent news agency in Azerbaijan is a logical and conscious move on the part of the Interfax Group," said Mikhail Komissar, the head of the Group head. "This republic shows the highest development rates and has launched large-scale projects involving major international corporations. Information about Azerbaijan is of growing interest for the CIS countries and the world at large."
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev have welcomed the decision to establish the Interfax-Azerbaijan news agency.
"I fully support this project. Interfax is well known for its objectivity and professionalism," the Azerbaijani president said. "This is one of the first genuinely independent Russian media outlets. I hope that Interfax-Azerbaijan will make information from Azerbaijan more accessible to politicians and businessmen. That will be beneficial for our country and help develop foreign relations."
There will also be other products in the Interfax-Azerbaijan project in the future. They will first and foremost be targeted at international businesses and cover the development of various Azerbaijani industries.
The coverage of future and existent oil producing, processing and transport projects in Azerbaijan and the Caspian region as a whole, which is quickly turning into a leading supplier of energy resources on the world market, will be one area of Interfax-Azerbaijan activities.
Interfax-Azerbaijan, whose main office is located in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku, is the fourth largest project of the Interfax Group in CIS countries. Interfax-Ukraine, Interfax-Kazakhstan and Interfax-West (Belarus) news agencies are each a success. Each of them is the prominent leader on their respective national news markets.
The Interfax news agency is a part of the Interfax International News Group, which was set up in 1989. The Interfax Group is a leader of precise and reliable political and business information and information services for and from the developing markets of Europe and Asia.