26 Apr 2005 15:49

Interfax-China launches English-language web-portal <a href="http://www.interfax.cn" target=blank>WWW.INTERFAX.CN</a>

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Interfax-China Information Agency, which is part of Interfax Information Services Group, would like to announce that it has launched a new English-language news web-portal, www.interfax.cn, intended for a broad international business readership.

The new web-resource gives visitors access to all of Interfax-China‘s English-language information products, providing detailed coverage of the situation in the oil, gas and mining industries, in information technologies and in other core sectors of the Chinese economy.
"The world business community‘s interest in China has been growing and the number of national and foreign media highlighting economic developments in China has been increasing," Chairman of the Board and CEO of Interfax Group Mikhail Komissar said. "Through www.interfax.cn, we offer international readers world-level products in a convenient and easy form, which, I am sure, will quickly win popularity to this resource," Komissar said.
"We will not stop at what has been achieved and will actively widen the spectrum of services provided by www.interfax.cn," said Interfax-China project managing director Michal Broniatowski. "We currently offer our visitors a sizeable amount of information for free and hope our readership will increase quickly," Broniatowski said.
The web-portal‘s free section provides key stories from the Interfax-China newswire. The website also gives the visitor free access to daily morning and evening reviews of the Chinese press provided by our editors.
You can apply for trial free access to the "closed" part of the news portal by contacting one of Interfax-China‘s offices in Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong.

*** Interfax-China Information Agency was formed in March 2000 and is Interfax Information Services Group‘s major foreign project. Interfax-China is a leading provider of English-language information about the Chinese economy, including telecommunications, energy and metallurgy, while the news circulated by the agency makes up an important component of information about China in major international information agency‘s nets and databases.
Interfax-China issues four information products in the English language:

  • Interfax China IT&Telecom Weekly;
  • Interfax China Metals Weekly;
  • Interfax China Energy Weekly;
  • Interfax China Business Newswire

Interfax-China was the first foreign information agency to interview Chinese President Hu Jintao in 2003.