21 Dec 2005 14:48

Interfax read by 93% of mass media companies - GfK-Rus

Interfax News Agency, which is part of the Interfax Information Services Group, has been named the absolute leader among information agencies operating in Russia in terms of the frequency of use of its materials by the mass media.

This announcement was made by GfK-Rus Company, a member of GfK- Group, one of the world‘s largest international market research companies, following a survey of 100 Russian and foreign mass media companies in 2005.
Sixty-three percent of respondents were Russian companies and 37% foreign.
The results of the poll, officially published by GfK-Rus, show that 93% of the surveyed mass media use Interfax reports. Almost 60% of them said Interfax was "the main news agency," whose materials they use most often.
The poll also revealed that the latest news is read by 90% of the companies surveyed, economic news by 73% and political news by 68%.
Among other indicators of information agency performance, that figured in the poll, were promptness and accuracy of reports, which most consumers rank first.
Eighty-one percent of the companies polled were pleased with Interfax‘s promptness. Seventy-five percent of them said Interfax is the quickest provider of news, and most of the companies surveyed said they were satisfied with the accuracy of Interfax reports.