18 Oct 2005 14:12

Interfax launches its information system on issuer companies, SPARK-Emitent

Interfax Information Services Group has launched a new information system, SPARK-Emitent, to supply professionals on the Russian stock market with exhaustive information on companies, shares and bonds on the market.

"For the first time full company reports, as well as recommendations by analysts, a calendar of upcoming corporate events, news, companies releases and depositaries and information on stock exchanges are available from a single source," said General Director of Interfax-CNA and SPARK Project Director Roman Laba. "The new system, which relies on the unique capabilities of Interfax Group, is meant to provide professional traders with the entire spectrum of data they need and become the premier information product on the stock market," Laba said.
SPARK-Emitent will draw from Russia‘s biggest corporate databases, the SPARK, EFiR and IFX (www.ifx.ru ) terminals and the Interfax information disclosure website (www.e-disclosure.ru ). SPARK-Emitent employs the latest technologies allowing an in-depth analysis of information, as well as timely and full retrieval of required data.
The system contains an extensive information database on each company: namely, its registration data, financial and business indicators, financial analysis, information on issued securities (shares and bonds), and dividend history.
The current information on securities originate from Interfax news, as well as issuers‘ reports acquired through the disclosure system and from major Russian depositories: the National Depository Center and the Depository Clearing House, which guarantees full and reliable reporting.
The calendar of corporate events covers shareholders and board meetings, press conferences and conference calls, register closure dates, the placement and redeeming of bonds, fulfillment of buy-back options and coupon payments.
Leading stock market operators supply the system with analytical reports, including forecasts and recommendations on the basis of which SPARK-Emitent produces a balanced market forecast on securities.

***SPARK is a system of professional analysis for markets and companies and Russia‘s largest corporate database, which contains crucial facts about the activities of practically all legal entities registered in Russia (http://spark.interfax.ru).
SPARK currently has information on about 2.5 million legal entities. Official information about companies includes data provided by the Federal State Statistics Service, Federal Tax Service, Federal Financial Markets Service, Central Bank and other ministries and departments. The database was developed by Interfax-CNA, a specialized analytical service of Interfax Group.