26 Aug 2004 10:31

Interfax-Siberia opens bureau, press center in Tomsk

The Interfax-Siberia news agency, which is incorporated in Interfax Information Services, has announced the opening of a correspondent bureau and press center in Tomsk.

"The launching of a leading Russian news agency‘s bureau and a press center in the Tomsk region in the run-up to such a significant event for the region as the celebration of Tomsk‘s 400 anniversary is symbolic. Our region is facing new historic and informational horizons, and I hope this will help make the picture of the region‘s life fuller and more interesting," Tomsk region Governor Viktor Kress said while speaking at the first press conference at Interfax-Siberia‘s new press center on August 26.
"By setting up a bureau and a press center in Tomsk, Interfax is seeking to significantly increase the flow of quality and comprehensive information from Russia‘s regions. I am confident that the activity of our new office will help considerably expand the Tomsk region‘s representation on the informational field at the regional, district, federal, and international levels," said Interfax Deputy General Director and Regional Service Director Alexei Gorshkov.
"The Tomsk press center has become Interfax-Siberia‘s fourth informational floor, and this is an important step towards forming the agency as a major organization capable of providing comprehensive informational services to the political and business communities in the Siberian Federal District," said Interfax-Siberia Deputy General Director Yelena Pochesneva. "The agency, which was set up less than a year ago, intends to maintain this high rate of expansion in its informational presence in the region," she said.
Interfax-Siberia also has press centers in Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, and Irkutsk.
Interfax-Siberia, which was set up at the end of 2003, is a member of the Interfax Information Services international group and specializes in covering events in the Siberian Federal District. It runs its own newswire, which reports local and federal news for the mass media, government bodies, companies and banks.
Interfax-Siberia‘s development projects are part of an Interfax program to rapidly expand into the provinces, where the Interfax-Center, Interfax-Northwest, Interfax-Volga, Interfax-South, Interfax-Urals, and Interfax-Far East agencies are operating intensively and where Interfax is carrying out a series of specialized projects.