19 Apr 2004 15:56

Interfax wins Financial Olympus Awards

The Interfax International Information Group has won the 2004 Financial Olympus Award for its development of a system of professional market and company analysis (SPARK), a product for financial market dealers.

SPARK, Russia‘s largest database on companies, is the first pool of official information on nearly all registered legal entities in Russia (more than 2 million companies), including data from the Federal State Statistics Service, the Federal Tax Service under the Finance Ministry, the Federal Service for Financial Markets, and the Industry and Energy Ministry. In contrast to other databases, SPARK targets a comparative analysis of companies and assessment of the markets they work on.
"SPARK has given Interfax access to a new segment on the information market," SPARK Project Director Roman Laba said at the award ceremony. "We are happy that our project was so highly assessed by players on the financial market just months after it was launched," Laba said.
The Financial Olympus Award was established in 1995. It is bestowed by the Russian Finance Ministry, the Central Bank, the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Moscow International Business Association, the All-Russia Insurance Union, the Association of Regional Banks of Russia, the Sodruzhestvo Association of Book Accountants and Auditors and Plekhanov Russian Economic Academy.
The award has become an acknowledgement of excellence in business.
The award acquired international status in 2004 with the support of the CIS Executive Committee and the Interstate Currency Committee.
About 20 companies and banks won the award together with Interfax.