19 Mar 2004 13:54

Interfax integrates data on Northwestern companies into SPARK system

The Interfax Information Services Group has announced thesigning of an agreement on cooperation in information disclosure with the Regional Division of the Federal Securities Commission in the Northwestern Federal District.

Under the agreement, Interfax, acting as an authorized agency of the commission, will regularly receive quarterly reports from the region‘s issuer company, prospectuses of securities issuance and other information for publication.
Interfax will disclose this information through its generally accessible resources on the Internet (www.e-disclosure.ru) and also through its database of corporate information SPARK (system of professional analysis of markets and companies), the largest in Russia.
"We are currently completing the integration of information on Northwestern companies into Interfax‘s resources and expect this move to improve the accessibility of corporate data for investors, analysts and other interested parties," Interfax-Northwest head Nikolai Dimchenko said. "Companies in St. Petersburg and other cities of the federal district are of special interest for financial market operators. For this reason, we consider the signing of the agreement essential for setting up of the most complete and detailed possible database of Russian companies," he said.
Interfax has combined official information on over two million legal entities active in Russia into the SPARK system. The system offers an unsurpassed potential for utilizing the entire database for research and analysis.
The information in the database includes financial reports, registration and production data, personals, events, securities, etc.