15 Sep 2004 13:40

Bank information added to SPARK database

Information about all lending institutions operating in Russia and new company data have been added to Russia‘s largest corporate database SPARK (system of professional analysis of markets and companies) which contains crucial facts about the operations of over two million Russian legal entities.

"We have tried to establish within SPARK the fullest possible database on banks that would reflect the specific features of the market sector by using the Central Bank and also the lending institutions themselves as sources of information," said Roman Laba, general director of Interfax-CNA.
SPARK contains the monthly form 101 (turnover statement on bookkeeping accounts) and quarterly form 102 (profit and loss account).
There is also information about milestone events, licenses and branch networks on banks disclosing information in keeping with the requirements of the stock market regulator.
SPARK has also introduced a new database on companies containing statements compiled in keeping with international accounting standards.
"So far relatively few Russian companies have been compiling financial statements according to GAAP standards, but their number is rapidly growing and our users show great interest in this information," Laba said.
The database is steadily being updated and on August 31, SPARK had the 2003 financial statements of over 21,000 Russian companies. Figures for the first quarter and first half of leading corporations are also available.
In SPARK, Interfax has combined official information about all legal entities operating on Russian territory. Company profiles include financial statements, production indicators, registration data, information about the management, milestone events, securities etc.
The profiles of major corporations are promptly updated with reports received along official channels and information supplied by the companies themselves.
Interfax group is a leading provider of financial and economic information in Russia and the CIS which supplies the financial market with news, reports from exchanges, databases and analysis. SPARK is operated by Interfax-CNA (Corporate News Agency) and offers information and analytical services to Russian and foreign companies.