11 Nov 2004 13:20

Consortium including Interfax wins tender for information support of Electronic Russia federal program

The Interfax news agency, as part of a consortium of companies, has become the winner of a public tender for selecting the provider of informational support of the federal targeted program Electronic Russia, which was organized by the Federal Information Technology Agency.

Along with Interfax, the consortium includes the Prime-Tass business news agency and the Humanitarian Technology Agency.
The consortium members have developed a comprehensive program aimed at informing the public about the implementation of Electronic Russia. The program envisions major conferences in Moscow and provinces, regular briefings for the media, including at a special press center, public opinion surveys, the drafting of informational and analytical materials, and the publication and distribution of specialized bulletins.
A substantial and credible team of the consortium members is designed to ensure that the project is implemented at the highest level.
Interfax, along with the current tender winners and also the New Prospects Foundation and the specialized magazine Seti i Sistemy Svyazi (Networks and Communications Systems), provided the coverage of Electronic Russia events in 2003.
The Interfax news agency is incorporated in the Interfax Information Services Group, which is composed of about thirty companies, including national, regional and specialized news agencies. In 2003, Interfax Group set up the Interfax-Telecom agency publishing materials dealing with the IT and telecommunications market.