4 Oct 2004 12:55


Interfax Information Services Group has announced that full profiles of companies in Western Siberia have been added to the SPARK (a Russian acronym for System of Professional Analysis of Markets and Companies) corporate database.

This addition is the result of the implementation of an agreement between Interfax and the regional division of the Federal Securities‘ Commission, part of the Federal Service for Financial Markets, in the Siberian Federal District in the first half of the year.
Until recently, the inter-regional center of the Federal Statistical Service was the main supplier of information to SPARK on Western Siberian companies.
"We believe that our joint operations with Interfax will promote the transparency of Siberian companies, the accessibility of information to investors, analysts and the entire business community and thus simplify access and operations on financial markets for companies," said Yevgeny Snegiryov, head of the regional division of the Federal Securities Commission in the Siberian Federal District.
"The addition of information on Siberian companies to the SPARK database, which combines data on legal entities registered in Russia, is part of the strategy of making products meeting the needs of key Russian regions the best," said Yelena Pochestneva, president of Interfax-Siberia news agency.
Under the agreement with Interfax, the regional division of the Federal Securities Commission regularly supplies quarterly reports of issuer companies, securities issue prospectuses and other information that has to be disclosed in keeping with laws on the securities market and the requirements of the Federal Securities Commission on information disclosure by securities‘ issuers on the securities market.
The information will be disclosed through Interfax‘s open internet resources (www.e-disclosure.ru) and also Russia‘s largest corporate database SPARK which it has formed.
Pochestneva said players on financial markets are showing special interest in companies operating in Siberia‘s largest cities, and a full database on Russian companies would be impossible without information about them.

In SPARK, Interfax has accumulated official information about all legal entities operating on Russian territory. All together, SPARK has files on over 2 million companies. The system also offers users unique possibilities for research and comparative analysis of all the data.
Company profiles include financial statements, production indicators, registration data, information about the management, milestone events, securities, etc.
The profiles of major corporations are promptly updated with reports received along official channels and information supplied by the companies themselves.
Banks, investment funds, brokerages, insurance, consulting, audit and manufacturing companies are the main users of SPARK.

*** Interfax Information Services is a leading provider of financial and economic information in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, which supplies the financial market with news, reports from exchanges, databases, and analysis.
For more details, see the www.interfax.ru website.
*** Interfax-Siberian news agency, established at the end of 2003, specializes in covering developments in the Siberian federal district. It runs its own newswire combining local and federal news for the mass media, authorities, corporations, industries and banks.