3 Mar 2004 11:51

Interfax announces formation of Russia‘s biggest database of companies

The International Interfax Information Services Group has announced the formation of Russia‘s biggest database of companies, which for the first time brings together official information on all legal entities operating in the Russian Federation.

The SPARK system for collecting and analyzing corporate information presents data from the State Statistics Committee, the Federal Securities Commission and its regional divisions, and information supplied by the companies themselves. Information from the Tax Ministry, which keeps a single government register of all legal entities, is a major component of the system, which keeps tabs on all companies registered with the tax authorities.
"SPARK now contains information on over 2 million legal entities, which means it presents an exhaustive, and at the same time thoroughly profound picture of Russian business. The system also offers the user unique opportunities for analysis, facilitating profound studies and comparative analysis of the entire wealth of data," said Mikhail Komissar, Chairman of the Interfax Group Board of Directors.
Company profiles include registration data, corporate history, financial statements, production indicators, information about management, securities, and so on.
Profiles of major companies are promptly updated with information coming from both official sources and the companies themselves.
"We tried to achieve a new degree of accessibility for information on Russian companies and fundamentally expand the possibilities for analyzing it," Komissar said.
The future of SPARK relies on expansion of the number of information sources accessible to users, as well as improvement of the system‘s functional capabilities.
Potential SPARK users include banks and investment funds, brokerages, insurance companies, consulting firms, auditors and manufacturing companies.
The Interfax Group is a leading source of financial and economic information about Russia and the CIS, offering news, market information, databases and analysis for financial market players. SPARK was launched by the Corporate News Agency (Interfax-CNA), which offers news and analytical services to Russian and foreign companies.