6 Apr 2005 11:34

DKK data added to SPARK

The Depositary Clearing Company (DKK), Russia‘s major corporate securities settlement depositary, has started providing detailed reports on issuers‘ securities to Russia‘s largest corporate database SPARK, which was formed by Interfax Group.

Cooperation between DKK and Interfax in releasing corporate information is expected to make information on the market more transparent and give share holders and investors more opportunities to obtain immediate, exact, authentic and reliable information.

"This cooperation has added more information about stocks, bonds and dividends to the SPARK database. The volume of information about issuers‘ dividend histories has increased immensely and exhaustive information is available about all coupons," said SPARK project manager and Interfax CNA General Director Roman Laba.

DKK President Igor Moryakov
said that over 2,300 issues of securities by 1,400 issuers have been in DKK‘s service since April 1, 2005. As a major nominal holder, DKK receives its data directly from registrars, which guarantees maximum authenticity, promptness and reliability of this information. The data undergoes additional checks before it is provided to clients and partners, he said.

*** SPARK is a system of professional analysis for markets and companies and Russia‘s largest corporate database which contains crucial facts about the operations of practically all legal entities registered in Russia (www.spark.interfax.ru).

SPARK currently has information about 2.5 million legal entities. Official information about companies includes data provided by the Federal State Statistics Service, Federal Tax Service, Federal Financial Markets Service, Central Bank and other ministries and departments.

The database was developed by Interfax-CNA which is a specialized analytical service in Interfax Group.