4 Jul 2005 10:50

Chinese President Hu Jintao expresses supportto Interfax‘s activities in China

Chinese President Hu Jintao positively assesses five-year activity of Interfax news agency in China.

In the course of a conversation with Interfax Information Services Group Chairman and CEO Mikhail Komissar within the framework of his visit to Moscow, Hu noted that he has a positive attitude towards Interfax‘s work in the People‘s Republic of China. And that was why soon after his election as President in 2003, he gave his first interview to foreign media to Interfax. Then the President of the People‘s Republic of China called Interfax "a bridge" linking the peoples of China and Russia.
Komissar informed Hu about the development of the Interfax-China project (www.interfax.cn, www.interfax-china.ru), within the framework of which three offices have been established in the territory of the People‘s Republic of China - in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong - in which a total of over 30 people are working now. He pointed out that today Interfax-China has become not only the principal channel for informing the Russian audience about events in the People‘s Republic of China but has also turned into one of the main sources for providing the international business community with business information about processes unfolding in various sectors of the Chinese economy. Komissar stressed that Interfax intends to expand its activity in the People‘s Republic of China in the near future.
President of the People‘s Republic of China Hu Jintao expressed support to the activity of Interfax in China and wished it further success.

Interfax began to release information products on China in March 2000. One of the largest state commercial banks in Russia - Vneshtorgbank - joined the project in summer 2002 and gave it an additional impetus.
President Vladimir Putin has lauded and expressed his support for the Interfax-China project. "Now that economic cooperation between Russia and China is actively developing and large joint projects are entering a new phase, we need a constant exchange of current, good quality information," Putin said during his visit to China in late 2002. "So, I would like to stress the significance of the Interfax-China project of one of the best-known independent news agencies of Russia," he said.
Chinese President Hu Jintao welcomed the Interfax-China project in May 2003, and said: "Interfax is very familiar to the Chinese people." "You are a bridge linking our two nations. You promptly inform the Russian people about our development and about changes underway in China, and highlight Russia‘s diversified life. Your work serves the purpose of strengthening friendship between our countries," Hu said.
Interfax-China is the largest foreign news project of Interfax, which has helped the Group become the leader in providing English language information about important industries in China, such as telecommunications, energy and metallurgy. The current list of Interfax products includes nine English-language editions about China:

  • Interfax China Business Newswire;
  • Interfax China Energy Newswire;
  • Interfax China IT Newswire;
  • Interfax China Metals Newswire;
  • Interfax China Telecommunications Newswire;
  • Interfax China IT Weekly;
  • Interfax China Telecommunications Weekly;
  • Interfax China Metals Weekly;
  • Interfax China Energy Weekly.

Interfax releases the Novosti Kitaya online newswire and the Biznes Obozreniye Kitaya weekly review for its Russian-speaking audience.
The news Interfax provides on China comprises an important component of the information on that country found in the largest international information companies and databases.