28 Mar 2023 12:17

Bad weather cuts power supply to 28 populated localities in Odessa region - DTEK

MOSCOW. March 28 (Interfax) - Specialists from the DTEK energy holding are fixing the damage done by bad weather in Odessa and the region, where power supply has been cut to 28 populated localities and a number of Odessa city districts.

"As of 10 a.m., there was no power supply to 28 populated localities in the region because of bad weather. The Odessa and Belgorod-Dnestrovsky districts sustained the biggest damage. A total of 134 transformer substations and nine transmission lines were incapacitated," the media said on Tuesday morning, quoting a statement by DTEK Odessa Grids published on a social network.

High winds temporarily de-energized a high-voltage line supplying electricity to the Kievsky and Malinovsky districts of Odessa. "Electricians rapidly repaired the equipment and are gradually resuming power supply to Odessa households," the statement said.

Weatherman have forecasted deterioration of weather conditions - light rain and gusts of wind up to 20 meters per second in the Odessa region, which may cause trees to fall and wires to break, DTEK said.

Bad weather and high winds also caused unplanned power outages in western Ukraine on Tuesday.

"Bad weather and high winds in western Ukraine have damaged power grids and caused emergency blackouts. Repairmen are at work and will be gradually resuming power supply," the Ukrainian media quoted the Energy Ministry's statement as saying on a social network.

The ministry has warned about possible power outages in the Zhitomir region due to repairs of the grid infrastructure.

Repairs are continuing at damaged facilities in the Kharkov and some other regions.

At the same time, there is enough generation capacity to supply electricity across the country, the ministry said, quoting its head, German Galushchenko.

The Ukrainian media said, citing Lvovoblenergo's statement on a social network, 80 populated localities are suffering a complete blackout, alongside 82 populated localities with a partial blackout in the Lvov region due to bad weather of last night.

Sixty teams of 258 repairmen and 90 vehicles are fixing the damage.