25 Jan 2023 11:36

Deputies propose that Verkhovna Rada adopt amendments necessary for Ukraine's entering into NATO

MOSCOW. Jan 25 (Interfax) - Deputies have proposed that the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada create a legal framework for Ukraine's compliance with the criteria of full membership in NATO.

A bill on Amendment of Certain Laws Regarding National Security and Defense and the Strengthening of Defense Capacity in the Context of the Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine has been published on the parliament website, the Ukrainian media said.

For instance, the bill proposes that laws, which regulate Ukraine's participation in international peacekeeping and security operations, the procedure for deployment of Ukrainian Armed Forces units to other countries, and the access procedure and terms of presence of foreign military units in the Ukrainian territory be upgraded.

A comparable table attached to the bill shows that its authors propose augmenting the Law on the Procedure of Deployment of Ukrainian Armed Forces Units to Other Countries with a new norm. The norm stipulates that both the National Security and Defense Council, as envisaged by current legislation, and the Ukrainian Defense Ministry propose the deployment of Ukrainian Armed Forces units to another country for participation in multinational exercises (drills) and other training events aimed at bolstering compatibility, skills and combat training levels.

The bill says that a proposal on the deployment of Ukrainian Armed Forces units to another state should contain information about the area of operation, tasks, total size of such units, the type and composition of their weapons and military hardware, accountability, period of stay and the procedure for its possible extension, the rotation procedure and the terms of withdrawal of units, guarantees and compensations to troops and civilian personnel, and information about the terms of compensation for the expenses borne in the course of the accomplishment of missions by Ukrainian Armed Forces units during their deployment to or stay in another country.

The bill's explanatory note says it will help implement the strategic course towards membership in the North Atlantic Alliance, which is formalized by the Ukrainian constitution, and continue to strengthen the defense capacity.

As reported earlier, a group of deputies registered with the Verkhovna Rada a bill, which amends certain laws on national security and defense and the strengthening of defense capacity in the context of Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration, on January 23.

Members of the Servant of the People pro-presidential faction are among bill authors.