24 Jan 2023 21:50

European Commission to increase macro-financial assistance to Moldova by 145 million euros

BRUSSELS. Jan 24 (Interfax) - The European Commission has proposed to increase the macro-financial assistance already provided to Moldova by 145 million euros, thus bringing its overall amount to 295 million euros.

"The commission is today proposing to increase the ongoing Macro-financial Assistance (MFA) to the Republic of Moldova by up to 145 million euros, bringing the total amount of ongoing MFA support to the country to up to 295 million euros," European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a statement published in Brussels.

According to the statement, this proposal is a follow-up of von der Leyen's statement made in Chisinau in November 2022 on additional financial assistance to Moldova, which was affected by a serious energy crisis, among other things.

"The increase in the MFA would help the country cover part of its additional funding needs in 2023, support macro-economic stability and provide for further reforms. Today's proposal would accompany the country's ongoing International Monetary Fund program," the statement said.

Out of additional 145 million euros, about 45 million euros will be provided in the form of grants and about 100 million euros as concessionary loans, it said.