12 Jan 2023 16:33

Sandu describes Moldova's European integration as national project

CHISINAU. Jan 12 (Interfax) - European integration is a prioritized national project for Moldova, the Moldovan presidential press service quoted President Maia Sandu as saying.

"European integration is a national project whose implementation will ensure peace, the country's economic modernization, and higher living standards for its people. This is a project to which all of us can and should make our contribution," Sandu said at a meeting of the National Commission on European Integration on Thursday.

Sandu urged officials responsible for the task to step up efforts toward implementing the European Commission's recommendations issued while Moldova was granted EU candidate country status last summer.

As reported at the meeting, only 16 of the 35 items on an action plan that was to be implemented by the end of 2022 have in fact been implemented, and the implementation of another nine items is nearing completion. These include preliminary assessment of candidates for the Superior Council of Magistrates and the Superior Council of Prosecutors, a review of the powers of the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office and the National Anticorruption Center in countering large-scale corruption, and the promotion of a package of regulations to eliminate the influence of oligarchs in the political, economic, and media fields.

Sandu insisted that all measures listed in a plan for implementing the European Commission's recommendations be completed by the end of March.

The meeting participants agreed to draw up a plan to bring national laws into line with the EU's legislation.

The European Commission is expected to make a preliminary assessment regarding the implementation of the recommendations by Moldova in May and its detailed analysis in the fall. The European Commission issued the recommendations while granting Moldova EU candidate country status in June 2022. The recommendations concern reforms in various fields, the division of powers between government branches, the elimination of corruption, and some other aspects.