12 Jan 2023 12:10

Zelensky calls for Ukraine's accelerated integration into NATO as was done for Sweden and Finland

MOSCOW. Jan 12 (Interfax) - Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has once again spoken in favor of accelerating his country's integration into NATO.

"The decision of NATO member countries on the launch of the mechanism of Ukraine's accelerated integration into the alliance - as was the case with Sweden and Finland - would be the most efficient and consistent with today's reality," Ukrainian media quoted Zelensky as saying at a press conference after talks with the Polish and Lithuanian presidents in Lvov on Wednesday.

"Considerable attention was given to our further integration into the EU and NATO. We are preparing for the EU-Ukraine summit and the start of negotiations on Ukraine's EU membership, which, I hope, should take place as soon as this year," he said.

"Support alone for Ukraine from NATO colleagues, support alone in the form of rhetoric is not enough today. We are expecting strong steps at the NATO summit in Vilnius," Zelensky said.