25 Nov 2022 14:07

If Belarus is attacked, its joint group of forces with Russia to 'respond in a way that not only Europe alone will shiver' - Lukashenko

MINSK. Nov 25 (Interfax) - Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said that he will not reject assistance from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) should such assistance become necessary.

"Of course, we will never reject it if, God forbid, something happens. We will not reject this assistance. But, you know, I do not think that we will have to resort to the CSTO even in this case," Lukashenko told reporters on the sidelines of a CSTO summit in Yerevan. Excerpts from Lukashenko's remarks were shown on the ONT Belarusian television channel.

"If someone attacks us suddenly, look, you can't even imagine how we can respond [...] Here we will not discuss the 'dirty-clean' nuclear bomb problem. We will respond in a way that no only Europe alone will shiver," he said.

"And it is not only us, it is our agreements with Russia, our joint group of armed forces," Lukashenko said.

When commenting on the situation in Ukraine, the Belarusian president said that "it is necessary to expose Ukraine and the Poles and the Americans who stand behind it in their true light, the way they must be turned around and shown to the whole world."

"They do not want to engage in any peace talks," Lukashenko said. This excerpt from Lukashenko's address was published by the First Man's Pool Telegram channel, which is close to the Belarusian leader's press service.

There is only one danger for the United States - becoming involved in a nuclear conflict, "because it will get hot even there," he said.

Lukashenko emphasized the importance of securing a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine, stressing once again that "Belarus does not intend to get directly involved in this conflict by sending its armed forces there."

"We will not add anything by it but, on the contrary, will make the situation even worse. It is not Belarus's role in this conflict," he said.

"We are not becoming involved. We are not sending troops there. As regards our armed forces, how many troops can be used? It's 35,000-40,000, isn't it? They will not resolve the problem. That's why, we need to reach an agreement and discuss peace," Lukashenko said.