24 Nov 2022 16:30

Hungary decides to allocate 187 mln euros in financial aid to Ukraine

BERLIN. Nov 24 (Interfax) - The Hungarian government has decided to allot 187 million euros as its contribution to a planned European Union program of financial assistance for Ukraine, European media reported, citing a Hungarian government decree.

The Hungarian authorities "are continuing to participate in providing financial support" to Ukraine, the decree said.

The 187 million euros will be "Hungary's share in the EU loan of 18 billion euros to be granted to Ukraine," the decree said. According to Bloomberg, this is the same amount that Budapest earlier declined to provide, as it considered the amount excessive.

The decree was signed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the media said. Europe is planning to hold talks with Ukraine in the future to determine the final parameters of financial aid.

An associate of Orban's, Balazs Orban, the political director of the prime minister's office, said on Thursday that these funds will ultimately be allocated from the national budget not within the framework of the EU's plan for a new package of aid for Ukraine. "This will be precisely Hungary's contribution to the EU's overall aid of 18 billion euros, but not through the general program," he said.

Orban said earlier that Hungary supports the Ukrainian people, but does not want to put "Ukrainian interests above the interests of its own country." The financial assistance should be split "fairly and proportionately" among the member states of the EU, he said.

The EU announced its plans to provide 18 billion euros to Ukraine next year in evenly spaced tranches in November. These funds will go to support the upkeep of energy infrastructure and the healthcare system, as well as funds to pay salaries and pensions.