22 Sep 2022 16:29

KSG Agro starts exports of rapeseed, sunflower oil to EU

MOSCOW. Sept 22 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian agribusiness holding company KSG Agro has started exports of sunflower oil to Poland and Italy and has delivered a first shipment of 2,000 tonnes of rapeseed to Slovakia, Ukrainian media reported on Thursday.

"There are very good conditions for agricultural producers to export their produce to the EU now, as there are virtually no taxes (particularly VAT) and import duties. Therefore, if transportation problems are resolved and efficient logistics arranged, this could be quite a good source for increasing forex revenues," the holding company quoted its owner Serhiy Kasyanov as saying.

Growing logistics costs and increasing timeframes complicate agricultural exports to the EU, he said.

Sunflower oil will be shipped to Poland and Italy using flexitanks, namely plastic containers designed to transport liquid commodities on board ordinary trucks, it said.

KGS Agro, a vertically integrated holding company, specializes in pig farming and the production, storage, processing, and sales of grain and oil-bearing crops. It owns about 21,000 hectares of land.