12 Aug 2022 15:25

Ukraine harvests over 20 mln tonnes of grain from 49% of target area

MOSCOW. Aug 12 (Interfax) - Ukrainian farmers harvested 20.8 million tonnes of grain and pulses as of August 12, up 3.3 million tonnes since August 5, from a total of 5.5 million hectares, up 0.7 million ha, the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry said in data posted on its website.

Grain was harvested from 49% of the planned area, up from 41% a week earlier.

Farmers brought in 15.4 million tonnes of wheat, up 2.8 million in the week, from 3.8 million ha, up 0.3 million ha; 4.9 million tonnes of barley, up 0.5 million tonnes, from 1.4 million ha, up 0.1 million ha; and 239,000 tonnes of peas, up 13,000 tonnes, from 106,000 ha, up 5,000 ha.

Ukraine harvested 2.9 million tonnes of winter rapeseed, up 0.4 million tonnes on the week, from 1.04 million ha, up 113,000 ha.

Farmers in the Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk regions harvested more than 2 million tonnes each and another five regions harvested more than 1 million tonnes each.

Grain yield was highest in the Khmelnitsky region at 62 centners per ha.

Ukraine harvested a record 106 million tonnes of grain, pulses and oilseeds in 2021, including 84 million tonnes of grains and pulses and 22.6 million tonnes of oilseeds.

It harvested 32.4 million tonnes of wheat, 40 million tonnes of corn, 10 million tonnes of barley, 581,500 tonnes of peas, 191,000 tonnes of millet, 110,000 tonnes of buckwheat, 16.3 million tonnes of sunflower seeds, 3.4 million tonnes of soybeans, and 2.9 million tonnes of rapeseed.