9 Aug 2022 16:19

Moldova pays Gazprom for 99.3% of supplied gas as of late July - Moldovagaz

CHISINAU. Aug 9 (Interfax) - Moldova paid 8.162 billion lei ($422.9 million) for gas as of July 31, which covers 99.3% of the deliveries from Russia's Gazprom, Vadim Ceban, board chairman of the Moldovan-Russian company Moldovagaz, said.

Moldova used 26.6 million cubic meters of gas in July 2022, down 8.6% from July 2021 but up 3.5% from June 2022, Ceban said. Moldovan consumers paid almost thrice as much for gas in January-July 2022 than they did in the respective period of 2021.

As reported earlier, Moldovagaz and Gazprom signed a five-year gas contract, which took effect on November 1.

According to the gas payment formula endorsed by the contract, Moldova was paying $450 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas delivered by Gazprom in November 2021, versus $550 in December 2021, $647 in January 2022, $564 in February, $547 in March, $1,193 in April, $920 in May, $880 in June, $980 in July and $1,458.50 in August.