29 Jul 2022 16:11

Moldovan president reaffirms Chisinau's commitment to peaceful settlement of Transdniestrian conflict

BUCHAREST. July 29 (Interfax) - Chisinau is ready to continue looking for ways of peaceful settlement of the conflict in Transdniestria, Moldovan President Maia Sandu said.

"The events in Ukraine are influencing the situation, and our ability to achieve a peaceful solution to the Transdniestrian conflict. The situation is changing; it is considerably different from the situation ten years ago. Transdniestria is a participant in the agreement between Moldova and the EU on the free trade zone. More than half of Transdniestria's exports go to the EU market, and more than half of the migrant workers from the region are working in EU countries," Sandu told a briefing in Bucharest on Friday.

"Chisinau realizes the fact that a solution to the Transdniestrian conflict needs to be found in parallel to its integration in the EU," Sandu said.

She also said Moldova is firmly committed to its European ambitions. "We are facing many problems and challenges on this path. There are forces that are looking to destabilize the situation in Moldova. We hope for Romania's assistance. Help us stay on this path," Sandu told Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

She also said the authorities would take urgent measures to provide the country with energy resources in the coming winter. "Our citizens are now paying the highest prices in Europe, when compared to the average wage. The gas price in Moldova is twice as high as in Romania. We will be using heating oil, firewood and coal to reduce gas consumption in the coming winter. We are holding talks now to buy gas in Romania in order not to freeze in the winter and ensure stability," Sandu said.

"We are considering options to be ready to help in any scenario. Romania will not abandon Moldova, regardless of the circumstances," Iohannis said.