27 Jun 2022 13:08

EAEU to extend Serbia duty-free import quotas for cheese, liquors, cigarettes in 2023

MOSCOW. June 27 (Interfax) - The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) will provide Serbia with duty-free import quotas for certain types of cheeses, liquors, and cigarettes in 2023, according to the corresponding draft decision of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

According to the EEC's draft decision, a duty-free quota of up to 400 tonnes per year will apply to Gruyere cheese made with the addition of finely ground aromatic herbs, butter cheese, and cheese made from sheep or goat milk. The quota for supplies is 253.53 tonnes to Russia, 2.07 tonnes to Armenia, 20.04 tonnes to Belarus, 121.4 tonnes to Kazakhstan, and 2.96 tonnes to Kyrgyzstan.

The tariff quota for liquor obtained from distilling grape wine or grape pomace will be 35,000 liters of pure alcohol per year, at 22,690 liters for Russia, 4,727 liters for Armenia, 3,810 liters for Belarus, 3,275 liters for Kazakhstan, and 498 liters for Kyrgyzstan.

The quota for cigarettes will be 2 billion pieces per year, and it is proposed to distribute 159.149 million pieces, at 95.955 million pieces imported duty-free to Russia, 39.539 million pieces to Armenia, 21.993 million pieces to Belarus, 966 million pieces to Kazakhstan, and 696 million pieces to Kyrgyzstan.

The agreement on an open trade zone between the EAEU and Serbia, dated October 25, 2019, provides for the provision of a quota to Serbia.