21 Jun 2022 14:05

EU sanctions on Russia do not apply to agricultural products - Council of EU

BRUSSELS. June 21 (Interfax) - The sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia over the special military operation do not apply to agricultural and food products and do not prevent Russian exports to third countries, the Council of the EU said in a statement.

"There are no EU sanctions on Russian exports of food to global markets. EU sanctions do not prohibit the import and transportation of Russian agricultural goods, payment for such Russian exports, or the provision of seeds by third countries - they only target the sanctioned individuals and entities," the statement said.

"Sanctions are specifically designed not to target food and agricultural products and, where relevant, sectoral prohibitions include specific exceptions for those products. EU sanctions do not apply to third countries or to non-EU operators in third countries," it said.

The EU foreign policy chiefs committed to work with global partners and take swift and comprehensive measures to address the worst consequences on food security, it said.

They vowed to stand in solidarity with the most affected partner countries, render them emergency relief and support to boost sustainable production, resilience and food system transformation, help Ukraine export its agricultural products via different routes, and promote the central role of the UN Global Crisis Response Group in coordinating global efforts.