20 Jun 2022 15:02

German ambassador in Kyiv believes Ukraine can meet EU's reform condition

MOSCOW. June 20 (Interfax) - Ukraine can easily meet the reform condition set by the European Union, German Ambassador in Kyiv Anka Feldhusen said.

"I think that Ukraine can easily do it, because such requirements have been in effect for years. Some progress has been made. Perhaps, this is not the kind of progress the Ukrainians would like to see, especially in the judiciary reform... We, your partners, especially, the G7, are in touch with the Ukrainian government in these matters," Feldhusen said at a press briefing at the Ukraine media center, as reported by Ukrainian media outlets.

Feldhusen said she had always considered the judiciary reform in Ukraine to be the most important. "The decentralization reform has been quite successful. I believe this is truly a success story. Yet the judiciary reform is the second reform to really change this country," she said.

The judiciary reform "has never been easy. But a lot can be done in this field if there is a political will," she said.

As reported earlier, the European Commission recommended that the Council of European Union grant a candidate status to Ukraine on certain conditions, i.e., the continuation of important reforms, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said.