16 Jun 2022 19:01

Russia may export 39.5 mln tonnes of wheat in new agricultural year - deputy PM

ST. PETERSBURG. June 16 (Interfax) - Russia could export 39.5 million tonnes of wheat in the new agricultural year that starts on July 1, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Viktoria Ambramchenko told journalists at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

"Exports could total 39.5 million tonnes," Ambramchenko said, confirming an earlier forecast predicting that overall grain exports could reach 50 million tonnes in the new agricultural year.

Wheat exports have been estimated at 32 million tonnes this year.

Turkey, Egypt, countries of North Africa, and Saudi Arabia will be key buyers of Russian wheat, Ambramchenko said. "We're opening up new areas now. And we're opening up as much as possible for the import of necessary seeds, seedlings, and import foods. Plus, customs and tariff policy measures are working very well. We're setting duties to zero so that food doesn't become more expensive for Russians," she said.

"Our businesses are actively communicating with businesses of friendly countries, thus solving a multitude of other problems, as well, including import of parts and other equipment," Ambramchenko said.

Asked whether a switch to payments in national currencies is possible, Ambramchenko said that "we're currently holding talks with friendly countries, as it happens, on preparing the banking sectors in those countries." "Russia is ready, we already trained on energy resources, and we already understand how to do it. But other states don't yet," she said.