7 Jun 2022 15:23

Ukraine exports 1.74 mln tonnes of agricultural produce in May - Agrarian Policy Ministry

MOSCOW. June 7 (Interfax) - Ukraine exported 1.74 million tonnes of grain and oilseed crops, as well as other agricultural produce by all types of transport in May 2022, which is 1.8 times more than in April, the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.

"Export channels were altered from April to May 2022: water transport (river ports and ferries) transported 798,800 tonnes and 22,100 tonnes of exported products, respectively, which made Ukrainian river ports the main export route," Ukrainian media outlets reported with the reference to the ministry.

In May, Ukraine exported 959,350 tonnes of corn (+60% from April), 43,500 tonnes of wheat (up 4.7 times), 11,600 tonnes of barley (-2%), 341,800 tonnes of sunflower seeds (up 3.3 times), 66,620 tonnes of soybeans (+17%), and 101,000 tonnes of soybean extraction meal (up 2.6 times), the ministry said.

Foreign buyers also received 202,650 tonnes of vegetable oil (+56% from April 2022) and 16,080 tonnes of soybean oil, which is approximately equal to 16,380 tonnes exported in April, it said.

Ukrainian agro-industrial exports have been smaller than last year because of the situation in Ukraine. For comparison, Ukraine exported 2.24 million tonnes of corn, 857,800 tonnes of wheat, 22,000 tonnes of barley, 189,600 tonnes of sunflower seeds, 501,800 tonnes of vegetable oil, 36,180 tonnes of soybeans, 20,600 tonnes of soybean oil and 440,000 tonnes of soybean extraction meal in May 2021.

According to the ministry, 709,600 tonnes of agro-industrial exports, or 40% of the entire amount, were transported by rail in May. Trains transported 56% of all soybean oil exports, 53% of exported corn, 48% of exported soybean extraction meal, 39% of exported barley, 33% of exported soybeans, and 28% of exported vegetable oil.

Meanwhile Danube river ports handled 75% of exported wheat, 59% of exported sunflower seeds, 57% of exported barley, 50% of exported soybeans, and 43% of exported soybean extraction meal.

In May, trucks carried 40% of exported soybean oil, 32% of exported sunflower oil, and 23% of exported sunflower seeds.

"The Reni port shipped 398,000 tonnes of export products, as against 327,900 tonnes exported through the Izmail port, 206,200 tonnes of grain, oilseed crops and processed goods exported through Volodymyr Volynskyi - Hrubieszow, and another 118,050 tonnes exported through Chop-Zakhon - Cierna nad Tisou," the ministry said.

Ukrainian Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Mykola Solsky said in early May that Ukraine exported 1.09 million tonnes of grain crops in April, or five times more than 0.2 million tonnes exported in March.

Before February 24, Ukraine was monthly exporting up to 5 million tonnes of agricultural products through the ports of Odesa and Mykolaiv. But now its export capacities are limited to about 1 million tonnes of grain per month.