6 Apr 2022 16:58

VR discontinuing freight traffic to Russia in controlled manner, will take several months

MOSCOW. April 6 (Interfax) - VR Group will discontinue freight traffic towards Russia in a controlled manner over a number of months, the Finnish rail operator said in a press release.

VR Group said its board of directors reached the decision on April 6. VR Transpoint, which is responsible for the freight traffic, will draw up a traffic rundown plan.

"At the moment, the EU sanctions do not prevent rail traffic between the EU and Russia. Therefore, the termination of freight traffic contracts concluded between VR and its domestic customers must be carried out in the manner specified in the contracts and negotiated with the customers. VR's aim is to run down the freight traffic as quickly as possible, but it is expected that the process will take several months," the company said.

VR Transpoint suspended freight train traffic from Russia on March 27, but Finland allowed it to continue three days later. VR Group suspended the Allegro passenger train service between Finland and Russia on March 28.