4 Apr 2022 13:15

Belarus has fully ensured food security - ministry

MINSK. April 4 (Interfax) - Belarus has completely assured its food security, Food and Agriculture Minister Igor Brylo said.

"We export almost 65% of all the milk produced in the country. We export more than 35% of all meat. I think it's foolish to ask whether we can food our people. And [exports are] not a detriment. Our food security in the country is completely ensured," Brylo said on YouTube channel Glavny.Tur.

"You know, our assortment of products is sky high - over 1,500 types of dairy products, over 1,000 meat products. I think everyone knows Belarusian products. We don't have any strain. As for vegetables, in principle we never aimed to supply the domestic market 100%, because the issue was never put this way. We have always imported these items a little," Brylo said.

He said, for example, that Belarus produced about 900,000 tonnes of potatoes, 200,000 tonnes of which it has exported to Russia since the start of the year. In addition, the country plans to double the amount of potatoes it allocates for its stabilization funds to 100,000 tonnes next year, he said.

The minister acknowledged the existence of "small nuances" concerning greens and fruits that are not grown in Belarus.

"As for the incomprehensible frenzy...Some sort of sanctions, military, political things are probably affecting people," Brylo said.