11 Mar 2022 15:59

Duma's Piskaryov threatens to launch criminal inquiry if Meta's decision on calls for violence against Russians confirmed

MOSCOW. March 11 (Interfax) - If information about Meta's decision to allow calls for violence against Russian citizens is confirmed, a criminal case will be opened against the company's management, State Duma Security Committee Chairman Vasily Piskaryov said.

"We will wait for a reaction with regard to the management of Meta, which allowed such, in our opinion, criminal calls, statements, which are criminally punishable. If confirmed, a criminal case and an investigation with all the ensuing consequences should be initiated," Piskaryov told reporters on Friday.

He said the State Duma Security Committee had drawn up two addresses to the prosecutor general and to the head of the Investigative Committee following Meta's decision.

"Calls to kill Russians are not only immoral, but also criminal, in general, calls to kill in any country are criminally punishable, including in Russia as well. To kill any particular group or nationality is not just a crime, it's already genocide, and these are calls for terrorist activity," the head of the parliamentary committee said.

As previously reported, Facebook and Instagram will temporarily allow users in some countries to call for violence against Russian soldiers.