9 Mar 2022 16:44

Duma suggests introducing regulation of prices on vital goods

MOSCOW. March 9 (Interfax) - The relevant State Duma committees are ready to submit proposals on the state regulation of prices on food, medications, children's goods, construction materials, household chemicals, pet supplies, and other products, Alexander Khinshtein, deputy secretary of the United Russia general council and a State Duma deputy, said.

"The party needs to take a principled position, to propose legislative initiatives that will make it possible to introduce a mechanism for regulating specific prices. It can be food products, children's goods, baby food, construction materials, agricultural fertilizers, agricultural equipment and parts for it, household chemicals, pet supplies, medications, and other goods and services," Khinshtein said at a meeting of United Russia on Wednesday.

"This legislative initiative has been prepared by the relevant committees; it can be submitted any moment," he said.

However, he suggested considering it with the government. Among other things, the parliamentarian believes the government needs to "outline the entire list of regulated goods."

State Duma First Deputy Speaker Alexander Zhukov said that "proposing regulation measures, one needs to bear in mind that the use of non-market price regulation may cause a shortage of goods as a side effect."

Therefore, Zhukov suggested "interacting with the government on the nomenclature, the measures by which we want to put a damper on price growth."