26 Jan 2022 17:15

United Russia asks Russian leadership to supply military products to self-proclaimed Donbas republics

MOSCOW. Jan 26 (Interfax) - The United Russia party has initiated an address to the Russian leadership to start supplies of military products to the self-proclaimed Donbas republics, Vladimir Vasilyev, head of United Russia's parliamentary faction, said on Wednesday.

"We've had consultations on the matter and have come to the understanding that we can't leave the people to the mercy of the Kyiv regime. Bearing this in mind, we are addressing the leadership of our country to provide assistance to the Luhansk and Donetsk republics by supplying them with the military products they need to deter aggression and undertake all the necessary measures to ensure the people's security," Vasilyev said on the Rossiya-24 (VGTRK) television channel on Wednesday.

Russia has been waiting for a long time "for a sensible decision to prevail in Washington," but this has not happened, as the West keeps speaking of sanctions, while weapons are reportedly being shipped to the conflict zone, Vasilyev said.

"The scenario being demonstrated by the collective West in Ukraine is reminiscent of a replay of Nazi and Banderite [extreme nationalistic] sentiments. We can't put up with that. We are really concerned about protecting the lives of the Russian citizens and compatriots living in the LPR and DPR," Vasilyev said.

The decision to appeal to the Russian leadership to supply military products to the self-proclaimed republics was made after consultations at the Duma Council, at the United Party's faction at the Duma, and within the party in general, he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, United Russia General Council Secretary Andrei Turchak called for supplying certain types of weapons to the DPR and LPR amid ongoing supplies of weapons to Ukraine by NATO members and the work of NATO instructors in the country.