17 Dec 2021 22:38

Russian Justice Ministry puts 2 more organizations on foreign agent register

MOSCOW. Dec 17 (Interfax) - The Russian Justice Ministry has included two groups promoting LGBT rights based in Russia's Far East on the list of non-governmental organizations designated as foreign agents and the list of unregistered organizations designated as foreign agents, the ministry said on its website.

"In compliance with Russian law, the autonomous nonprofit organization for implementing social-legal programs Lilit was put on the register of non-governmental organizations performing foreign agent functions on December 17, 2021," it said.

In addition, the Far Eastern organization Mayak has been put on the register of unregistered civil society associations performing foreign agent functions, it said.

The website of the Mayak organization says that it provides legal and socio-psychological assistance to LGBT and women who have suffered from domestic violence.

According to the SPARK Interfax database, Lilit was registered in 2019 and its director is Regina Dzugkoyeva.

Media reports indicate that Dzugkoyeva also runs the Mayak project.