28 Oct 2021 13:36

Ukraine and Romania lend Moldova gas to maintain pressure in its gas transport network

CHISINAU. Oct 28 (Interfax) - Ukraine and Romania have lent Moldova gas to help it maintain pressure in its gas transport network, the press service for the Moldovatransgaz company said on Thursday, without saying exactly how much gas Moldova has borrowed.

"The crisis in Moldova's energy sector and insufficient amounts of natural gas that are needed for domestic consumption have affected both the country's energy security and the functioning of its gas transport system. It is necessary to fulfill certain technical requirements in order to maintain the system's operating capacity. The difference between import volumes and gas consumption is seriously affecting this operating capacity," the company said in a statement.

Ukraine lent natural gas in order to balance Moldova's gas transport system, and Moldova can use this gas until October 31, it said.

"Romania has also provided its support, extending significant assistance to maintain the gas transport system of our country. In this difficult period, we highly appreciate the support extended to our country by its neighbors. This debt will be returned when Moldova has the necessary amount of gas to ensure undisrupted supplies and volumes for domestic consumption," Moldovatransgaz said.

Head of Ukraine's Gas Transmission System Operator Serhiy Makohon said the day before that Ukraine had sent more than 15 million cubic meters of natural gas to Moldova in order to help maintain minimum pressure levels in Moldova's gas transport network. Apart from that, Moldova began buying gas on the international market this week. The Moldovan government has instructed the state company Energocom to announce daily tenders. Poland's PGNIG won the first such tender on Monday, while the Dutch company Virol won a tender on Tuesday. They have delivered one mcm of gas each to Moldova. On Wednesday, Moldova accepted a joint offer from DXT Commodities and Poland's PGNIG, which will deliver 1.5 mcm of gas on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Chisinau is continuing negotiations on a long-term contract with Russian gas giant Gazprom. Under the terms of the October contract, Moldova shall pay $790 per 1,000 cubic meters, but receive an amount of gas enough to cover only 67% of the country's gas needs. A week ago, the Moldovan government declared an emergency until November 20 over the gas crisis.