21 Oct 2021 11:35

Steam leak due to faulty weld seam detected at Rostov NPP last night - Rosenergoatom

ROSTOV-ON-DON. Oct 21 (Interfax) - The staff at the Rostov Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) recorded a steam leak in the second power unit last night due to a faulty weld seam on a pipe part of the clean contour system where non-radioactive water circulates, Rosenergoatom said on Telegram.

"During a routine round at 12:54 a.m. Moscow Time on October 21, 2021, staff detected a steam leak in the second power unit of the Rostov NPP caused by a defective weld seam on a pipe 18 millimeters in diameter. The pipe is an element of the system controlling the steam level and humidity in the steam generator. This system is part of the second clean contour, where clean, non-radioactive water circulates," it said.

Ahead of repairs, the facility's second power unit has been disconnected from the grid in accordance with routine procedure, since repair work cannot be done on hot equipment, it said.

"There were no violations of the limits or conditions for the safe operation of equipment. The third and fourth power units of the Rostov NPP are functioning as usual at nominal capacity. The first power unit has been undergoing routine preventive maintenance since September 18," Rosenergoatom said.

A source said earlier that there had been a steam leak at the Rostov NPP near Volgodonsk and that the second generating unit had been shut down and taken offline for repairs for this reason. The source said the "leak occurred due to a hairline crack in the pipeline of the steam generator last night."

The plant's public relations department denied the report of a leak. "There is no leak. Our No. 2 generating unit has been shut down to conduct routine maintenance according to a formal request. No breaches have been detected," a plant spokesperson said.