15 Oct 2021 21:36

Russian Justice Ministry: 'Moscow Digital Media' and St. Petersburg-based RS-Balt included in register of foreign-agent media

MOSCOW. Oct 15 (Interfax) - Russia's Justice Ministry has included Moscow Digital Media, a limited liability company, and St. Petersburg-based media outlet RS-Balt in the register of foreign-agent media.

The Russian list of foreign-agent media on the Justice Ministry's website was updated on Friday.

According to SPARK-Interfax data, RS-Balt, a joint-stock company, is linked to the news agency Rosbalt and has its registered office address in St. Petersburg. The company's CEO is Larisa Afonina.

Alexander Vinokurov is the head of Moscow Digital Media, and the owner of the television channel Dozhd (TV Rain, designated as a foreign agent in Russia) Natalya Sindeyeva is its beneficiary.

Moscow Digital Media is the publisher of Republic (Slon.ru before 2016), a media outlet specializing in analytical reviews and articles by columnists.