14 Sep 2021 12:25

Federal Bailiff Service: Bailiffs forcing Google to comply with court ban on displaying 'smart voting' term in search results

MOSCOW. Sept 14 (Interfax) - Bailiffs intend to force Google to stop displaying the term "smart voting" in search results, consistent with the arbitration court ruling, the Federal Bailiff Service said.

"The Federal Bailiff Service is carrying out an enforcement procedure opened on the basis of an enforcement writ issued by a court in regard to Google LLC," the service press bureau said in a statement received by Interfax on Tuesday, in response to the enquiry why bailiffs have visited the Google office in Russia.

"Measures of compulsion, envisaged by the current laws of the Russian Federation, are being undertaken" within the framework of the enforcement procedure, the service said.

Earlier in September, in response to a lawsuit lodged by Woolintertrade LLC, which has taken out a patent for the "smart voting" trademark, the Moscow Arbitration Court prohibited Google from using the term "smart voting" in search results "as one of the keywords."

The media said on Monday that bailiffs had visited Google's Russian office in the center of Moscow.