10 Sep 2021 14:00

Moscow and Minsk agree on joint response to Western sanctions - joint statement

MINSK. Sept 10 (Interfax) - Russia and Belarus have agreed on a joint plan of action in response to the economic sanctions imposed on them by a number of Western countries and organizations.

This agreement is contained in a joint statement of the Russian and Belarusian prime ministers dealing with today's development and further steps to deepen integration processes within the Union State of the two countries.

"The heads of government note that the destructive steps, which are also at odds with international law, taken by a number of Western states and organizations hamper the positive development of the Union State, the strengthening of the national economies, and the accomplishment of social tasks that are vital to the citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus," the statement said.

In this context, "the sides have agreed on joint actions to respond to the use of illegitimate economic sanctions against the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus," it said.