6 Sep 2021 21:08

Saakashvili again vows to return to Georgia

TBILISI. Sept 6 (Interfax) - Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili once again announced plans to return to Georgia some time soon, in the run-up to local elections on October 2, on social media on Monday.

"I want to say that I will personally come to these elections. I want to call on all of our fellow citizens to also come to Georgia to these elections, in which we will certainly defeat the incumbent authorities," Saakashvili said.

Saakashvili said that several criminal cases have been opened against him in Georgia, but no other countries recognize these charges brought against him by the Georgian Prosecutor General's office.

"I am not afraid of arrest in Georgia, because I am confident that the Georgian people will win and will free me if I am arrested. I am not afraid of placing my fate in the hands of the Georgian people," he said.

Representatives of Georgia's current authorities have said that the ex-president has publicly promised to return to Georgia 16 times over the past few years, but has not kept his word.