21 Jul 2021 11:53

Belarusian constitution may limit presidential terms to 2

MINSK. July 21 (Interfax) - Belarus plans to restrict the number of terms a president may hold office to two and increase the minimal age for election to the post to 40 years.

"Update the constitutional terms for working in the post of president, decreeing that one and the same person cannot be president for more than two terms," Pyotr Miklashevich, chairman of the constitutional commission and head of the Constitutional Court, said at a meeting on Wednesday.

"It is proposed to keep the presidential form of governance in the section [of the constitution] President. Parliament. Government. Establish a higher age limit, 40, a residency requirement, permanent residence in the Republic of Belarus for at least 20 years directly before the election, and a citizenship requirement, not to have foreign citizenship," Miklashevich said.

A citizen of Belarus by birth who is no younger than 35, has the right to vote, and has lived in the country permanently for at least ten years directly before the election can currently be elected president of Belarus.