20 Jul 2021 18:00

Putin shown new Checkmate light fighter aircraft

MOSCOW. July 20 (Interfax) - A new light fighter aircraft presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday has been named Checkmate and belongs to the fifth generation of aircraft, Rostec said.

"The light tactical aircraft is a single-engine fifth-generation fighter, with no analogues having existed in Russia before. It combines innovative solutions and technology, including artificial intelligence support for the pilot, as well as solutions time-tested in practice," Rostec said after the plane was shown to the president.

"The fighter features low observability and great flying performance. Supercomputer technology has been broadly used in the work on the Checkmate light tactical aircraft," it said.

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) head Yury Slyusar informed the president that the plane has great performance features, it said.

"He stressed that the aircraft is a new-generation multifunctional platform, which can be adapted to a particular customer's requirements, which has low operating costs, and which features broad-ranging combat capabilities," Rostec said.