11 Jun 2021 20:54

People entering Russia may be obliged to isolate until 2 negative coronavirus tests obtained - draft document

MOSCOW. June 11 (Interfax) - Everyone, including foreigners, arriving in Russia may be obligated to stay in isolation until two negative coronavirus test results are obtained: relevant requirements have been proposed to an applicable order of Russia's chief public health officer.

"[Everyone must take] two laboratory Covid-19 tests under the PCR method within five calendar days upon entry into Russia. [...] The time interval between the first and the second laboratory PCR tests for Covid-19 must be at least 24 hours. [Everyone must] observe isolation in the place of their residence/stay until results of the Covid-19 laboratory tests by the PCR method are obtained," the draft resolution of the chief public health officer, which was published on the official online database of Russian statutory acts for discussion, said.

Currently, people arriving in Russia, including foreigners, do not have to stay in isolation upon taking a coronavirus test.

According to the proposed amendments to the order, all Russian citizens returning to Russia who have completed a vaccination course and have an acquired immunity to the virus will be exempt from passing compulsory Covid-19 tests.

"People who have completed a course of vaccination against Covid-19 or have acquired immunity as a result of having Covid-19 are not required to take two laboratory tests for Covid-19 by the PCR method. However, it is still mandatory that such an inoculated person enter information about being vaccinated against Covid-19 in [Russia's] Unified Public Services Portal or the results of their tests for the presence of immunoglobulins IgG to Covid-19 in a range of positive reference values with regard to the specific test system used in the test," the document says.

Starting July 1, nationals of Eurasian Economic Union member states crossing Russian state borders will have to confirm a negative result for Covid-19 using a mobile app called Travel without Covid-19, it says.

Since May 1, everyone who arrives in Russia must subsequently take two tests for coronavirus in compliance with an order of the Russian chief public health officer. Such tests must be taken within five days upon their entry into Russian territory.