9 Jun 2021 20:20

Creating framework for further work on arms control could be serious achievement of Russian-U.S. summit - Deputy FM Ryabkov

MOSCOW. June 9 (Interfax) - The Russian Foreign Ministry will make every effort in contacts with its colleagues from the United States to ensure a positive outcome for the upcoming Russian-U.S. summit, and in particular, creating a framework for further work with the U.S. side in the sector of strategic stability could be a serious achievement of the summit, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Wednesday.

"If it is possible to create a framework for further work on arms control, I believe that will already be a certain achievement," Ryabkov told journalists following a panel on Russian-U.S. relations as part of the Primakov Readings.

"There are still seven days left until the summit, and we, on our level at the Foreign Ministry, will make every effort in our contacts with the U.S. side to increase the summit's chances for a positive outcome and create the optimal setting for the leaders, so that they can agree on arms control and, probably, on some other issues," he said.

Speaking on "whether there is a chance that a confrontation in relations between Russia and the U.S. can be avoided" and issues which "have been growing and overlapping on top of one another recently" can be overcome, Ryabkov said he is convinced that "this will be possible if the U.S side has the political will."

"Our side hasn't just the will, but a firm determination to use all chances to ensure the steady progress of bilateral relations," he said.