16 Feb 2021 22:13

Interior Ministry launches inquiry into 'bravery lesson' at Nizhnevartovsk school for practicing security at rallies

MOSCOW. Feb 16 (Interfax) - An internal inquiry has been launched in Russia's Nizhnevartovsk after police officers held a lesson at a school where security at public events was practiced, the press service for the department of the Russian Interior Ministry for the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District said.

"The head of the department of the Russian Interior Ministry for the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District - Yugra, Police Col. Damir Satretdinov, has ordered that an internal inquiry be conducted into a lesson held at an educational institution in Nizhnevartovsk which involved elements of ensuring security at mass events," a statement published on the police department website said.

According to the results of the inquiry, an assessment will be made of the public officials who organized the event, it said.

As previously reported, police officers in Nizhnevartovsk held a "bravery lesson" at school No. 42, which included acting out a scene with some of the students in helmets holding shields and truncheons confronting their peers who pelted them with balls.

Footage from the class appeared on local Telegram channels on Tuesday. The images show high school students in a school gym forming two lines: those with helmets and shields in one line and those with sports balls in the other. Upon the command of a person wearing a police uniform, the students begin throwing basketballs and volleyballs at the line of "fighters." One "activist" who feigned an assault with his fists is grabbed and dragged away behind the wall of shields.

The press service for the Nizhnevartovsk town police told Interfax that it was a professional drill aimed at encouraging students to enroll in police schools.

"The students were told about policemen's exploits, what qualities an officer of law enforcement must possess in order to serve. In the gym, the boys were shown shields and truncheons before being given the chance to throw balls, so they could see for themselves how solid and firm the shields are. There was no political subtext, and this has nothing to do with the rallies at all," a spokesperson said.

As reported on the official page of the Nizhnevartovsk administration on social media, an internal inquiry into this issue has been launched.

"With regard to an educational event at school No. 42 which took place on February 15 with the participation of officers of the police department for the city of Nizhnevartovsk and the National Guard, an internal inquiry is being carried out in order to find out whether this event complies with the law on education. If violations are uncovered, measures will be taken against public officials," director of the education department of the Nizhnevartovsk administration Inna Svyatchenko is quoted as saying in the statement.