7 Aug 2020 21:52

Normandy-format summit should open path toward further talks on Donbas - Zelensky

KYIV. Aug 7 (Interfax) - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he expects the success of the ceasefire in Donbas will be acknowledged at the next meeting of the leaders of the countries involved in the Normandy-format negotiations, which should open a path toward ending the war.

"Next stop is Berlin, where we'll document interim successes of the truce and move forward. So as to definitively close the war case. And we will do everything possible to ensure this. And we will do it transparently and openly. And if something goes wrong, then everyone will see what went wrong and why. And who is to blame for this," Zelensky said in a Facebook post on Friday.

Normandy has provided a huge incentive for developing 'peace logistics', and Minsk works out rules and makes it possible to discuss extremely difficult issues, Zelensky said. "And the eleven days of silence show that, if everything is done correctly and insistently, there'll definitely be a chance. It already exists," he said.

The other side should finally realize the value of peace and meticulously comply with the ceasefire agreement as well, Zelensky said. "What's next? Hard negotiations again. Normandy is a pivotal point enabling us to return our long-suffering territory to civilization," he said.

The countries participating in the Normandy-format talks on Donbas are France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine.